Academic Mentoring

Providing the best student mentors

Through academic mentoring, you can receive supplemental support for select courses. Academic mentors are students who have successfully completed the course for which they mentor. The mentor provides you with a structured, collaborative learning environment and activities that will help you achieve academic success in traditionally difficult courses.

My mentor remembers what it was like just starting out in the class; she gave me many helpful studying tips. . . . I would not be doing as well as I am right now in BIOL-N 212 without my mentor.

—Anonymous BIOL-N 212 student

22% of students are more likely to receive an A or B if attending nine or more mentoring sessions a semester.

13,564Visits to mentor sessions in the fall 2021-2022 academic year

24,441.5hours is the time academic mentors spent providing support to students in one semester.

B vs. C+Difference in average grade for students regularly participating in sessions vs. those who did not attend.

Services provided by the Office of Academic Mentoring include:

  • Peer group Mentoring for Challenging Courses
  • Exam Jam Review Sessions
  • Collaborative and Engaged Learning
  • Enriched Understanding of Course Content
Students in an academic mentoring session.
Students in an academic mentoring session.
Students in an academic mentoring session.